Earth Day 2012

I hope you don’t mind me borrowing a few lines from my GRIT magazine blog post: I normally have a good reason why I’m the last one among my neighbors to mow grass.  I like to conserve gas or diesel when ever possible. This year I’ve spent several weeks replacing an underground fence around the whole three and half acres.  The old wire corroded so this project was more important than mowing. I finally got around to mowinv and afterwards I turned my attention back to cover over the underground fence wire.  Directly I heard the hooligans having a hissy fit under a large hackberry tree close to the creek.  As I walked down the hill to see what they had, I saw a snake flying through the air. Blackie grabbed it behind the head and Patches had the other end. Levi grabbed something and ran off toward the front yard.   I managed to pick up the snake; Blackie grabbed it by the tail and we had a tug of war until she listened to my yelling to drop it.  The snake looked dead, but I took it down to the dry creek to the safety of the other side of the underground fence.   I checked the next day and it was gone.   Now what did Levi run off with?  It was a squirrel that apparently was caught by the snake.  The hooligans had interrupted the snake’s nice meal.

Saturday we had various Earth Day Festivities at the Colbert County Courthouse in Tuscumbia.  I picked up a couple of dogwood and a red maple tree.   Shamrock farms had a display of a hydroponic tower and another lady showed how to make seed starting pots out of newspapers.   I’ll be posting the rest of the pictures on the Remember Tuscumbia Facebook page later. After getting home I planted my trees, and went back to weeding.  I’ve been saving newspapers to put down under the saw dust mulch I purchased last year from a local lumber, but it was too windy to get the papers down and mulch.  Sheffield Power brings me wood chips instead of taking them to the landfill and I use them on my paths through the garden.  I’ve been saving the #5 yogurt cups since we can’t recycle them in our area for use in the green house. I couldn’t find the battery charger for my cordless  drill so I used my Dremel to make  holes in the bottom for drainage much to the dismay of Patches and used them to start some of my flower seeds.

My iris and peony are in full bloom. A few of my Asiatic lilies, amaryllis and clematis are blooming.

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Last week I replanted most of my Peaches and Cream corn. The only good  stand I had was under a tomato cage I had lain down to mark the end of the row.  Our normal last frost date is April 15. Monday or Tuesday night temps are predicted in the high 30’s.  If it gets below 38, I’ll have a frost since I’m in a low spot below the mountain.

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