Repeat of last year?

April 2012, I reported 1.18 inches of rain from my reporting station to  CoCoRaHS.  My tomato plants that I overwintered in the garage really need to be put out in the garden, but the ground is too dry. I planted some flowers, watered good, came back the next day and they were dried to a crisp.  It’s been thundering all evening, maybe I’ll get some rain.  Oh the satellite just lost signal!! Great that means a hard rain!  Temperatures are expected to be in the nineties all week.  August weather.

I finally have started cleaning my flower beds after spending a month running a new underground fence for the dogs.  I’m planning an open garden brunch on May 26th, and right now things are looking nasty.  After cleaning, newspaper is going down to keep the grass and weed seeds from sprouting and composted saw dust on top. In one of the walk ways, I used some cardboard and put some of the wood chips the power company brought me.

 My tall bearded irises are finishing up, and my Japanese, Louisiana iris, and lilies are blooming.  I came home today and my first dayliliy Tiger’s Eye was blooming in my Auburn section.  It’s going to be a good year.

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The hooligans have been busy chasing whatever runs or flies.  A chipmunk made the mistake of trying to cross the driveway. Blackie was on the job and charged in hot pursuit. The chipmunk ran into the garage hit the front wall, made a turn, hit the side wall, and made another turn toward the other garage door.  While Blackie was still looking for it around my pile of tools and newspaper I shooed it toward the open door. Levi came walking up to the door about that time and the chipmunk ran between his front and back legs, and made a turn toward the front walk. Levi and Patches started the pursuit outside.  Once it disappear, Levi soon lost interest and took a nap while Patches hunted for it.

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One Response to Repeat of last year?

  1. Phillip says:

    I’m glad we are getting some rain – let’s hope it continues. If you need help in your garden, I’ve found a good guy who is excellent at weeding. He’s looking for more work.

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