Memorial weekend Saturday 2012

I was planning an open garden and brunch for today, but after two years of neglect, I haven’t been able to get my flower beds cleaned up and mulched. Spending a month replacing the underground fence also got me behind.  I hired help for the last couple of Saturdays and the two of us just got one bed down the side yard cleaned and half of it mulched in that time.  I placed cardboard and newspapers down first before mulching to prevent the seeds lost from the cleaning to start a new crop of mess.  And there’s a lot more beds to go.  I noticed the Japanese beetles on some of my Japanese iris.  I’ll get up traps tomorrow.  When using the traps, don’t put them near plants you are trying to protect.  You want to place them in a area to draw them away from the plants.

I’ve been battling a wren trying to build a nest in my back garage.  That story is on my GRIT magazine blog post.

 I recently found out information about a great uncle killed in WWI that the family didn’t know he existed.  The Memorial Day story is on our new blog ‘The Tuscumbian’ , a blog for those from Tuscumbia and Colbert County to share historical of family stories.  It was named after the long closed theater in Tuscumbia.  Please check it out and give your opinion and also consider writing a story for us.

 It got up to 97 degrees today, but it felt more like 105.  I spent most of the morning walking around taking almost 800 pictures of flowers and doing some weeding as I went along.  I wasn’t looking where I was walking and fell camera first into a dust bowl.  While laying on the ground, I first checked out my camera then decided to see if I had anything broken.

The hooligans have been busy playing catch with chipmunks and field mice and rats and mockingbird fledglings. So far its hooligans two and chipmunks zero.  Several presents of mice have been left in the yard.  Blackie was rummaging around in the lean to on the side of the barn and came running out with a hanging basket hooked in her collar.  I had to chase her down to get it off of her.

Hope you enjoy these blooms I found for Memorial Day weekend.  I plan to post more as I get the names on them. Please remember those who paid the ultimate price for our freedom.


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2 Responses to Memorial weekend Saturday 2012

  1. Those are some amazing daylilies!

    • thank you, my retirement project I’m working on. I couldn’t help but notice the bottle gardens on you blog. I plan to use wine bottle as path edging in mine. I’ve folks collecting bottles for me.

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