Flower of the day June 16, 2012 unusual bloom time

Pagan Dance iris

Yes you are seeing right. Here it is June 16 and I have an iris in bloom.  I have several re-blooming iris that usually bloom in September to October.  Pagan Dance is one of my re-blooming iris which bloom twice a year in warmer regions. This year everything is just confused.

Pagan Dance iris

Worked weeding and mowing today. I had to mow the lower forty twice. and will need to go over it again to get it knocked down to normal height.  First I’ll need to sharpen the blades. I’ve caught over 14 gallons of Japanese beetles using traps.  I’ve been dumping them into gallon zip lock bags,  and placing the bags into an old kitchen sink I have in the garden for washing veggies before bringing them into the house.  Last night something attracted to  the horrible odor of the buggers, pull 3 of the bags out of the sink and ripped them to shreds.  Now I need a gas mask to get to the greenhouse.  I’m not sure if one of the hooligans did it or a coyote.

When I put the John Deere up and walked to the house, I noticed this little dirt trail coming from one of my collection piles from weeding the flower bed in front of the house. I found a weed dumped at the end of the trail.  Wonder if they were trying to help?


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