What’s going on in the hooligan world, more hummers

I’ve sort of been neglecting the hooligans lately on my posts, and thought I’d catch them up. Early in the spring, the underground fence wire broke down from corrosion. I spent several days trying to find out where a break was in the 5000 feet of wire. One evening they ventured across the creek into a hay filed and were chased around an old overgrown well around a long gone home site by some one in a truck, they were shot with a shotgun. Several hundred dollars in veterinary bills later, the mental scars remain.  They are just terrified of thunderstorms now.  Patches broke though the screen on my new screen door on the porch and then ripped the sliding screen over the patio doors to shreds trying to get into the house while I was at work.  Another night, the scratched up my new garage doors and ripped off the weather stripping up the side of both doors trying to get into the garage. They have a doggie door going into the back barn and a hiding spot under the stairs, but the want to be near me or where I stay when there is a storm.  I’ve started giving them a natural melatonin if I’m at home and a storm is brewing.

After my location received over 5 inches of rain in a week after more than a month without along with 100+ degree weather, the grass exploded in my flower beds.  All my watermelons split open with all the excess rain after a month without. Beds that were cleaned, mulched, look as bad as those not cleaned.  Some of the beds that I put newspaper or cardboard down under the mulch look somewhat presentable.  Each afternoon during the rainy spell, I worked in my flower beds near the back door in case I needed to make a mad dash if rain started.  I eventfully had a pile four feet high and around eight feet long on the driveway that each morning I would back over pulling out of the garage and worry that I had ran over one of the hooligans.  Then the W C Handy Festival started, and afternoons after work were spent sitting in a chair listening to everything from blues to jazz to rock and roll.   All the while my flower and shrub beds were being consumed.  The bed that I had spent several afternoons cleaning, I can’t tell where the cleaning stopped and the next area to be cleaned.  It’s a good thing that I was coming in late each evening after dark so I wouldn’t feel guilty.

There is a bright side of the overgrowth, the bunny rabbits have invaded the hooligans territory and they are keeping busy chasing the prey.  Blackie has been so intent on catching this rabbit that is living in a flower bed  near the underground fence, that she won’t come to eat even with repeated calls.  Some days much to Levi’s dismay, I just have to fed them later. If her fence collar battery gets weak the bunny is in trouble.

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They or should I say Patches and Blackie have started this thing when I come home.  They shoot down the driveway, down the hill to the other end of the property while I’m pulling into the garage.  By the time I get parked and are back to welcome me when I open my truck door.  I’m not sure what that’s all about.  Levi knows it’s feeding time when I come home and stays close so he won’t miss anything. You only have to call him once to come and eat and he comes a running.  At the end of the day, it’s biscuit time.  All three sit before they can get one. Levi plays catch with his.  I’ve had trouble keeping the bird bath and a sprinkle can filled with water.  The hooligans have two buckets of water but want the birds and flower ones.  They have me trained well.

Until the hot weather started, the hummingbirds ignored the feeders.  Now they are swarming the feeders.  I’m getting plenty of opportunity to use my new lens. By the way make up your own sugar water.  Use one part of sugar and 4 equal parts of hot to boiling water, mix, cool and fill the feeders.  Store leftovers in the refrigerator.  Change and clean the feeders every three or four days.

The sunflowers are almost ready for the goldfinches and blue indigo buntings.  This year I hope to get some pictures of them feeding.

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