Red spider lilies

The red version of spider lilies also called naked ladies, resurrection lilies or Lycoris radiata are in full bloom. Foliage will appear after flowering and will die back in summer and the blooms pop up in September.  The pink version bloomed in July.  White, yellow and orange versions are also available. Plant the bulbs just below the surface much like you would peonies.  The first three slides were after a 2.78 inch rain.  I have several blooming in spots I don’t remember planting.  What’s so funny is that Mom next door said the same thing about hers.  

The reason we do have so many is that I dug them up from an old home site of a lady who would work for my Grandparents taking care of the kids; then she worked for us whenever  Mom was in the hospital having a baby or one of my siblings was in the hospital. Her place is gone now and all that is left is her flowers.  Farmers have made a road though the middle of where her house was, so I’ve been moving her flowers over to my property and she had a lot of the spider lilies and old fashion daffodils and daylilies.  Frankie would be proud I think to see her flowers now.

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Check out my GRIT magazine blog article about the moonshine still being raided at the Coondog cemetery 75th birthday celebration.

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3 Responses to Red spider lilies

  1. I had never noticed this particular flower until a couple of years ago…that same year, one popped up unexpectedly in my yard….how I do not know, and it hasn’t appeared since. I had no clue what they were, but I loved them!

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