October blooms

I had so many hummingbirds at the feeders during the 100 degree temps of July and August that I missed the migration to Mexico.  I still have a few stragglers, so the feeders will stay up a few more weeks.  The hooligans are enjoying the cooler weather and are very busy chasing bunnies, field mice (add digging after mice also) and whatever else that runs or flies.  They aren’t caring for dove season.  Ever since they were chased and shot with a shotgun, they are terrified of shots and thunders.

I have a lot of daylilies in bloom, but with the cooler weather, the colors are different on some and it may take a couple of days for one to open up fully.  Some are partially opening  for a couple of days and drying up.  I have a few re-blooming iris in bloom. 

This year I tried a couple of new profusion zinnias called Apricot and Fire.  The Apricot one complements the Auburn section of the garden. The Fire profusion is in the Deshler section. Another new one called Zinnia Double Zahara Duo is just starting to bloom.  It has large blooms on a short busy plant.  I think I’m going to like it.  I know the neighbors will be glad when frost hits so they won’t have to go around an orange profusion zinnia  that is growing between the road and the flower bed.  I also have a patch of marigolds I haven’t the foggiest where they came from as I don’t plant them. They give me a headache.  The seeds must have been in some leaves I picked up in a subdivision.

We had a cold rainy spell last weekend and I didn’t get a lot done.  The weekend before I got into a nest of yellow jackets, and I’m still trying to get over it.  More later on this. 

Check out my GRIT blog post on Louisiana iris.

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