Harvest of Memories

We had a light frost Sunday night that bit back my sweet potato vines. Last night a killing frost got my zinnias and tomato plants.  I’m still having a few deformed daylilies blooming and found a re-blooming iris called Harvest of Memories with the first bloom of a stalk just loaded with buds.  I’m always sad to see a killing frost. I do not like winter.

Harvest of Memories

Harvest of Memories

Check out my Quad Cities Daily.com article on what happened after I brought my plants in for the winter.

My GRIT magazine blog post has my thoughts while working in the garden about a comment my doctor made that I needed to exercise.

Check out my historical Tuscumbia blog


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2 Responses to Harvest of Memories

  1. shoalanda says:

    Goodness, Mary, if YOU need to exercise, I shudder to think about the rest of us. I assume the doc was a marathon runner (tongue in cheek)?

    • We go through this each time I go which is not often. The last time I had my camera with me and had taken some before pictures of a area I was redoing. When he said I needed to go on an exercise program, I whipped out the camera and started through the pictures. He said well I guess you are, and said “boy that’s a nice camera” changing the subject. I went to a dietitian and she had no problem with what I was eating. I think it’s stress.

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