Merry Christmas from the Hooligans 2012

Merry Christmas from the hooligans!

Mom decided to that we needed to make a Christmas card again this year.  She is not going to learn isn’t she? After we nixed last year Santa hats and the Christmas bows the year before, we thought surely she wouldn’t try anything this year.  We even snuck the Santa hat out of the garage and played tug of war with it until it came apart.  They just don’t make things like they used to. When Mom came home she thought a cotton picker had driven down the driveway going to the field behind the house. Well it turns out Momma wasn’t planning on using the Santa hat this year.  She decided that we were going to wear reindeer antlers and this little red ball thing this year. We just didn’t want to do it and had other ideas.  After Mom chased us around and kept putting the antlers back on us several times she finally gave up. We hope you have a Merry Christmas.

 Patches, Blackie, and Levi, oh, and Mary.

Xmas 2012

Hooligans letter to Santa:

Santa we’ve been very good doggies this year.  Mom hurt her knee and had surgery last winter. We tried to help her by not worrying her when the underground fence wasn’t working.  We were hunting in the field across the creek when this mean person chased us around and around and shot Blackie and Patches.  Whenever we hear thunder now, we worry that mean person is coming to get us again. 


 And that pair of pliers we chewed the handles? We were only trying to pick it up to bring back to the house after Mom forgot it. Honest Santa, we didn’t know she was coming back to work on the faucet some more. Oh and that tree that the cicadas killed that Momma was saving for her article?  It was propped up near the garbage can, so we thought we could trash it for her, honest Santa. Really we did.  We help by leaving Mom presents of mice at the end of the driveway and all she says is “what have you been rolling in? You stink, and I hope you haven’t dug up something important.”

 Anyway Santa, please bring us some chew bones, and good biscuits, none of that healthy stuff or stale multigrain bread that she feeds us.  Also we want another one of those tires with the rope on it. We lost the one you brought us last year again.  We think the coyotes are stealing it when we are asleep.  Also we asked you for this last year and you didn’t bring it for us, another one of those roll around play balls. Blackie left it the front yard and Mom accidently ran over it with her tractor and its lopsided and hard to roll.  Patches got hungry when Momma had to work over late and tried to eat her pull rope and lost the stuffing all over the yard.  Mom said she was going to tell Santa not to bring us anything that has stuffing in it. 

IMG_1880 IMG_1838 IMG_1833 IMG_1808 IMG_1802 IMG_1798 IMG_1785 IMG_1760 IMG_1761 IMG_1759 IMG_1789 IMG_1795 IMG_1830

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2 Responses to Merry Christmas from the Hooligans 2012

  1. Cathy Anderson says:

    Mary, I always enjoy it when the holligans blog. It’s fun to hear their side of the story. Ha! Great pictures.

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