Happy New Year 2013

I celebrated the New Year by finishing up my last garden tomato.  I pulled all of my green tomatoes before the last frost, put a layer of tomatoes in a box, covered with newspaper and repeated with the next layer and stored in a dark area.  As they started to ripened, I would pull them out and place on a window sill until ready to eat.

I’m ready for spring and flowers. It’s only, only three months away I keep telling myself. Last week a local store had two sizes of a lacecap hydrangea with white blooms with light blue highlights called Shooting Star.  I purchased a four inch pot just starting to open up and kept it on the table until after Christmas. After that I re-potted it into a 2 gallon garden pot and have it out in the garage with the rest of my overwintering flowers.  After last frost, it will go into a shady area either in the ground or a nice pot on the patio.  It is supposed to be a good container plant growing 3-5 feet tall and hardy in zones 5-10.  If potted it will need winter protection, either wrapping and insulating the pot or bringing it into a garage.  Regular watering will still be needed.

Shooting Start hydrangea IMG_0600

Shooting Start hydrangea IMG_0605

My first of my orchids bloomed just in time for Christmas.   Several more should be blooming in the next few weeks.



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