January decisions

Wilson Dam from Colbert side

Wilson Dam from Colbert side. Notice boat bottom right

Glad I didn’t make a resolution this year not to buy anymore plants until I had everything in the ground. Bulbs aren’t plants yet are they until spring? 


Wilson dam Lauderdale side

I found some more Dutch iris bulbs, one called Eye of the Tiger which went into my Auburn and Deshler sections, and another one called Lion King which went into my University of North Alabama section.


Sandhill cranes flying into Wheeler wildlife

We had days and days of rain, ten or eleven days of it.  Since our rainy spell started, I’ve reported 7.20 inches of rain at my CoCoRaHS AL-CT-10 reporting station south of Tuscumbia.  The usual low lying areas flooded during the onslaught of almost two weeks, such as McFarland Park, the rockpile park at Wilson dam, spring creek.  Saturday with 1.9 million gallons of water flowing through the spillways, a lone boat was on the water. Even the ducks had trouble swimming in the flow.


Sandhill cranes at Wheeler Wildlife Refuge

Bright me decided to go to Wheeler Wildlife Refuge Saturday to get pictures of the sandhill and whooping cranes.  The photography blind and the observation building were under water, but I did manage to get a few pictures of the sandhills in alternate locations. I was presented a once in a lifetime close up of a flyby of a couple of whooping cranes in the middle of a group of sandhills, but made a beginner photographer mistake.  I didn’t check the wheel on my camera after pulling it out of the bag and the wheel was on manual from either being put in or pulled out of the bag.  My photo turned out fuzzy.

Riverfront park sheffield IMG_3395

handicap parking area at Riverfront Park

rockpile IMG_3364

Rockpile park at Wilson Dam


Sandhill cranes at Wheeler Wildlife

This weekend temperatures were in the high fifties and nice.  After getting back from Wheeler Wildlife, I worked on digging or cutting out all of the hackberry volunteers coming up in my flower beds.  A very large tree supplies plenty of seed that has a high fertility rate.  The things easily come up everywhere even in flower pots.  Some of the ones I cut down were some I had cut down last spring and had put out several shoots from the stump. This time I cut even lower in the ground.  After I move the iris to a more suitable location, I’ll dig up the area and plant daylilies there. 




my dogwood is officially gone

I have a fifteen year old apricot tree that suddenly died last summer and fell over a few weeks later.  I cut off the limbs and hauled off to a burn pile, now I’m debating what I can do with the trunk.  Another plum tree close by died from bleeding sap from all of the cicadas a couple of years ago, but is still upright. I have plans for it.   One of my dogwoods stressed by freeze and then cicadas a couple of years ago died after last summers torrid temperatures. I was debating if it was completely dead or if the roots and lower trunk were still alive, but Blackie pronounce it gone and dug it up chasing after field mice. 

what to do with this dead tree?

what to do with this dead tree?




Snowbird daffs ready to bloom


Lenten rose

Crocus and Lenten rose are in bloom, some of my daffs will bloom soon. Spring is close, but first a cold spell hits this week to get through.  The Hooligans are ready to see more of me outside. 


Hooligans Patches, Levi and Blackie waiting for a biscuit

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