Photography no gardening Part I

With all the rain, I haven’t been able to do much gardening.  A couple of warm days, I’ve been pulling or cutting out some of the hackberry and privet coming up in my flower beds.   I’m still looking for a couple of underground fence collars that the hooligans have managed to loose.  The rest of the time, I’ve been riding around the area just taking in some of the sights around the Shoals.  Hope you enjoy.

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On one of my photography trips with a friend, we ran into someone not believing we were taking barn pictures .   She thought we were some desperate criminals on the loose.  Here is the link to my Thelma and Louise shoots the barn story on   There’s a link to photographers right’s that has an extra space in it. Here’s the corrected link.

I paid a visit to Wheeler Wildlife Refuge in Decatur recently to try and photograph some of the whooping cranes at the refuge.  My last post has the story of how I missed out on the shot of a lifetime of two flying by in the middle of a group of sandhill cranes.  The refuge has over 12,000 sandhills in residence for the winter.   I took some video of some of the waterfowl at the refuge during a time when no one else was around so you can hear just nature in this Youtube video: Wheeler Wildlife Refuge


2 replies to “Photography no gardening Part I

  1. Mary, I love seeing your pictures of the Shoals. Always makes me realize how much I miss living in Florence and how lucky we are to have the river. It was a big part of my childhood.
    Take care.

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