Photography part II

With all the rain, I haven’t been able to do much gardening.  A couple of warm days, I’ve been pulling or cutting out some of the hackberry and privet coming up in my flower beds.  My daffodils are just starting to open, spring is not far behind.  I’m still looking for a couple of underground fence collars that the hooligans have managed to loose.

I did take time yesterday and got my John Deere out to move six  15 yr old Azalea Krume -Snow from the back of the house to a low area along the creek.  With the soggy ground I made a big mess.  A lot of rain started Sunday, so the azalea’s should be okay in the move and the spillways at Wilson dam should continue to pour a lot of water.  I found an interesting TVA site that gives the amount of water hourly going through the dame.

The rest of the time, I’ve been riding around the area just taking in some of the sights around the Shoals.  On one of my trips I captured the recovery of a fisherman from an overflowing Tennessee River.  A few of these photos may be found on the quad cities daily.

Hope you enjoy.

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One of my rainy day home projects was an all day and half of the night project.  That story on

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