Dragon Plant

The Dragon Plant scientific name Dracunculus vulgaris and is also known  as the Dragon Arum, the Black Arum, the Voodoo Lily, the Snake Lily, the Stink Lily, the Black Dragon, the Black LilyDragonwort, and Ragons.  It is native to Greece, Crete, Aegean Islands and the Balkans.  It tolerates some shade, but is happiest in the sun in rich well drained soil in zones 6, 7, 8 and 9.

The Dragon Plant will grow up to 3 feet tall, the bazaar flower a deep, maroon-purple up to 18” long and over 6″ deep is called a spaethe  and has a protrudes a long, blackish-red spike called a spadix which protrudes out of the flower.   The foliage is lobed, marbled and spotted out around the thick, blotched stem of the flower spike.  It flowers in early to midsummer and produces scarlet berries in the summer to early fall.

Now a characteristic of the plant while it is bloom made me decide not to plant it in an area that the Hooligans can get to. 

The flower has an unpleasant odor for a few days, and there is nothing the Hooligans like better than rolling in something stinky.  I figured that I would never see it blooming if I planted it where they have access, so I planted it in the bed at the end of the driveway along the road. 

Dragon Plant just starting to bloom.

Dragon Plant just starting to bloom.

 I planted the bulb two years ago and thought it had died over the winter, but late last spring it finally came up, grew a bit and died back. 

Dragon Plant IMG_0899

 This year it again came up and put up the flower spike and was just about to open up.  I came home from work the Tuesday after Memorial Day to find my Dragon Lily stomped and broken off.   Two years waiting on a bloom.  The next day I called my water department and asked if my meter was read the day before and they said they thought they were in my area, but would need to check and call me back.  Then I told them about the two year wait for a bloom and the reader decided to crawl over the wall and walk through my bed instead of stopping at the end of the bed and making maybe two extra steps.  I didn’t get a call back.

Dragon plant, kicked and broken

Dragon plant, kicked and broken

 Now I wonder if that’s the reason it died last year?

Wonder if a ‘Beware of Snake’ sign would keep them out?  I wouldn’t be lying as I saw one the last time I weeded.

Check out my last GRIT magazine blog post.  They did a computer update and things didn’t go as planned as many updates do.  I should be back blogging soon.

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