Shoals Garden Tour 2013 Irene & Jim Fowler

2013 is the first year in a while due to weather that the Master Gardeners have held a garden tour.  Nine gardens were on the tour this year, and I spent the first Saturday touring all of them.   A late warm up had the wildflowers and spring blooming opening later than normal and all of our hosts worried.  A couple of days before the tour, the weather warmed up nicely and caused blooms to break out.  One of the gardens I revisited the next day had a big difference in the garden’s show.

 I had a time plan during which I could get all of them by the five PM closing, but a wrong turn had me arriving right at quitting time at the garden of Irene and Jim Fowler of Lexington.   Since they were so gracious in allowing me to photograph each nook and cranny of their garden, the last garden will be the first one I will cover here.

This description from the brochure was so true and the distance traveled to the garden in Lexington was well worth it:   A “ must see” garden designed by an artist and Master Gardener! Wander through her many paths and you will get lost in the beauty of the design. Wildflowers, ferns, rare perennials, native shrubs and unusual plants abound in this wonderland! Arbors and other features backdrop all the beauty of the many blooms.

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5 Responses to Shoals Garden Tour 2013 Irene & Jim Fowler

  1. Phillip says:

    I love Irene’s garden – she is so creative!

  2. Cathy Anderson says:

    We really enjoyed all of the gardens on the tour and met some really nice people who were gracious enough to share their wonderful gardens.

  3. Irene says:

    Thanks Mary, for visiting our garden and taking such wonderful pictures.

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