Cedar waxwings

Phillip Oliver, Master gardener and editor of a fine gardening blog Dirt Therapy mentioned this weekend that they had cedar waxwings in their yard.  The last time I remember seeing any was 20-25 years ago.  One of my apple trees was in full bloom and I watched about twenty of them clean all of the petals off of the tree and fly off.  You rarely see them alone;  they hit as a flock, clean a tree of berries, or blooms, cedar cones or ash buds.

As I left work I passed the street going by Phillip’s and Michael’s home, I wondered what they had blooming, and yelled to myself, waxwings! and made the turn up the street.  Micheal was at home and said they were in the garden a couple of days ago, but he hadn’t noticed them today.  I went back to my truck a put a telephoto lens on my camera and headed back into the yard.  The bird bath which was empty earlier, was just boiling with them.  I got as close as I could without chasing them off and got several shots.  In an instant they flew to a tree in the back corner of the yard.  From the distance I thought it might be a redbud, but from my location description, not knowing north, south, east or west orientation of their yard, Phillip thought it was a green ash.  It looked like the tree had 150-200 birds in it, just going to town cleaning off the buds.  Then as a flock they flew back to the bath and repeated the flight back to the tree.  

I stayed about an hour getting pictures between the tree and birdbath.  Just as I was leaving, I spied a woodpecker.  I’ve yet been able to get a good picture of one, and took a couple of long distant shots of it.   Maybe one day I’ll luck out like I did with the cedar waxwing goldmine.  

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