Goldfinches are seen in the Shoals all year round, however you may not notice them in the winter.  Their bright yellow color fades away during the winter months, only to come back in the spring.  The females are a paler color than the male.  

Goldfinches nest later in the year than most other birds, starting in July.  They normally lay four to six eggs which hatch in twelve to fourteen days.  The nest built by the female is a tightly woven, compact cup of plant fibers and spider webs lined it with thistle-down.

In the winter, I only feed my birds black oil sunflower seeds. During the summer, I have a large patch of sunflower seeds which they help themselves to.  Sometimes you may see fifty to a hundred hitting the patch along with blue indigo buntings and hummingbirds.  They also love coneflowers and blanket flowers and thistle.   During the summer to winter months, you can see several along my driveway and front walk helping themselves to the seed heads. I usually don’t clean up my coneflowers until spring or when the birds have cleaned all of the seeds off of the seed heads. 

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