Waterfall at Wilson Dam on a freezing day

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One very cold afternoon two weeks ago, some friends and I went to the waterfalls at the rockpile park near Wilson Dam.  Temps for the day and the previous days were in the twenties.  Overnight temperature in the teens.  I’m so lucky that I have friends who are as adventurous as I am.  I wasn’t going to go alone in case I fell and would be a frozen popsicle when found.


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2 Responses to Waterfall at Wilson Dam on a freezing day

  1. Anderson, Cathy W says:


    Those pictures are really beautiful. Thanks for sharing!

    I am beginning to get cabin fever. Have been looking at my last year’s iris catalogs and walking around the yard seeing what has buds. I hope my hydrangeas do better this year, especially my Limelight. Last year they were rather puny looking.

    Do you know if they are going to have the spring yard tour this year? I really enjoyed getting to tour Phillip’s yard.

    Best Regards.

    Cathy W. Anderson
    Senior Contracts Administrator
    Process, Power & Marine

    Intergraph Corporation
    305 Intergraph Way
    M/S 1S C09 15
    Madison, AL 35758 USA
    P: +1 256.730.3697 F: +1 256.730.3300
    Intergraph is part of HEXAGON

    The entire content of this communication, including any attachment, is Intergraph Company Confidential unless otherwise noted.

    • Thanks Cathy, I haven’t been able to find out anything about the gardening tour this year. Phillip Oliver says he hasn’t heard. Soon as I hear anything will post. Thanks for visiting and commenting.

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