Hummingbird migration 2015

I haven’t posted in a while. Between pneumonia,  volunteering at The W C Handy Music Festival as a photographer and bronchitis.  I’m still going through and posting the ten days of Handy pictures on Remember Tuscumbia on Facebook.  Needless to say I took a bunch in ten days.  Now I’m suffering an allergic bronchitis from this weed in my yard with little white fuzzy seeds, that just knocked me for a loop.    I won’t tell you what my yard looks like after all of this.

I’ve had three hummingbird feeders up all summer.  Two weeks ago I added two more as the migration south seems to have started..  After today, I’ll probably add a couple of more.

Don’t buy the store bought syrup. The hummers will thanks you. Use one part sugar and four parts hot water. Mix, cool and add to feeders. Keep left overs in the refrigerator. Change out feeders every three or four days.

This AM, the hummers were swarming so much around the feeders.  I took a video of them at one of my feeders off the back deck.

Check out my GRIT magazine blog post.

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