Pelicans at Wilson Dam

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And one Great Blue Heron.

One of my co-workers noticed there was a nail in my tire. He mentioned that it was close to the edge and they might not be able to plug it.

He was right. I landed up replacing a tire with less than 10,000 miles on it.  As I put my credit card in the chip reader, a charge for over $821,000 popped on the the reader.  I thought I was reading it wrong, and looked again, but no I wasn’t.  What? as I pulled my card out of the reader.  A new box he explained and cancelled the transaction.

After getting the correct charge, I’m on the way home.  As I crossed the Patton Island Bridge, I noticed pelicans at the dam, and pulled off and drove down to the Rock Pile Park. It was a beautiful cold crisp afternoon.  Pelicans were all over the water, hundreds of them. As I walked down toward the waterfall I wished I had put my gloves on.  The breeze off of the river was bone chilling.

I took pictures until my hands said they were too cold to function and headed back to my truck and turned the steering wheel heater on.  As I drove back toward the road, I noticed several pelicans near the boat ramp.  This time I put my gloves on and took pictures until they floated or flew off.

As the sun was getting ready to go down, I ventured over to Riverside Park in Sheffield and took a few river sunset pictures.

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