Hummers & flying flowers

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I haven’t been able to post lately. My internet has been sporadic and then my computer was in the shop.

I have eight hummingbird feeders up and it’s still a war zone.


Don’t use the red dye stuff as  it’s poisonous.  Use one part sugar o 4 parks hot water.  Mix well, cool and fill feeders.  Replace and clean feeders every 3 to 5 days depending on temperature.  One person told me they had their feeders up and haven’t seen any.  When I asked when was the last time she changed it, oh about three months.   I told her to imagine what sweet tea in the refrigerator that long would taste like.

Butterflies are starting to make their presence.



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2 Responses to Hummers & flying flowers

  1. Fermin says:

    Thanks so much for blogging this. I have been a long time follower
    of your posts.

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