I’ve had a monarch hanging around my zinnias along the front walk for several days now.  Their numbers have dropped due to removal of their host plant milkweed.  You can help them by planting some in your garden.  I kept a watch on a spider and a preying mantis while it was hanging around.

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2 replies to “Monarch

  1. Mary, I just finished reading your latest post on the GRIT website. Technology is a wonderful thing isn’t it. Well, when it works. It can be most aggravating when it doesn’t. I have a separate hard drive that I back thing up on for just such occasions and well when a new computer is needed and all the information needs to be transferred.
    I’m glad to see that the hooligans are still keeping your life interesting. Yes, I wondered the same thing I retired. How did I have enough time to work?

    Have a great retired day. It’s always a treat to see your posts at GRIT.

    1. Thanks Dave, not sure if I like GRIT’s last update. I couldn’t expand the photos and I kept getting message file too large, and I haven’t had that issue before. I didn’t realize that you had to adopt your old computer on the backup service and should have gone in and check to make sure what was backing up, instead of oh that was easy. All of my pictures were on the 5T or 4T external drives, plus on line, so I didn’t loose any of them. I hate that comments can’t be done on the GRIT posts any longer. I read your column and wanted to say, my garden consisted of a few plants in the flower beds. Hopefully next yr will be better.

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