Whooping cranes

On my third trip to Wheeler National Wildlife Refuge, I finally was able to see a rare Whooping Crane.  We actually got to see three. One was at the observation building at the refuge (Alabama Birding site #16) and put on a show splashing around and and flying from one side of the slough to the other.

During the last count there was over 30,000 sandhills, a little over twenty whooping cranes.  In addition to a lot of sandhills, we also saw a lot of American Wigeon, Mallards, a few Ring Neck and Northern Shover ducks and some geese.   A harrier hawk hovered around the building so close I had trouble focusing on it with my 400mm lens with a 1.4 extender.

On the way home, we stopped at Mallard Fox WMA (Alabama Birding site #1) and saw a couple of Whooping cranes and a few Great Blue herons.

Please check out my GRIT magazine blog post:

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4 Responses to Whooping cranes

  1. Uncle Tree says:

    WoWzer! 🙂 Great shots! I’m jealous.

  2. Love it! I’m going this weekend before they’re all gone.

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