Hooligans Letter to Santa 2015



Hooligans 2015 Letter to Santa

Dear Santa, we have been really good doggies this year. Mom says we haven’t been and need lump of coals and switches in our stockings. We love sticks, but can’t figure out what coal is.

That skunk that we caught trespassing kept throwing his tail up at us and wasn’t nice and we decided he needed to leave. It got behind some of Mom’s pots and refused to leave. We had to forcibly remove it and when he went over to Grandmaw’s place and we decided to chase it off from there. After all we have to protect her place also. Trying to get it out of her shed, we accidently grabbed the siding when it slid under the wall into her shed and got under some bags of pine mulch. We helped scatter it for Grandmaw while we were chasing off the interloper.

Mom says we’ve been bad. Blackie won’t come and eat when Mom calls her, but she needs to check out the barn for mice first. Levi crawls in Mom’s lap when she gets home from work and fusses that he is getting her clothes dirty. Levi is just trying to get that hospital smell off of Mom. Patches keeps poking Mom in the back when she is getting food out of the wall bin. She just wants to be sure Mom doesn’t forget her. And can you believe she was fussing about us dragging mulch up the front walk? Here we are camped out protecting the house, and the pine tar stuff sticks to our hair like glue. Mom says we dug up some of her flowers. We were chasing after a critter and we can’t tell what is flowers and what isn’t. We did get those pesky moles some snakes and some critter Mom called Alvin. We left our spoils of victory at the end of the driveway so Mom could see how we’ve been protecting the farm.

Mom says Patches hasn’t been telling her the battery was dead in her collar and sneaking out. She just didn’t want Mom to worry, and she didn’t until one of the neighbors was a stool pigeon. Mom thought she had spoiled Patches fun, but the collar wasn’t working and she had fun visiting until she was squealed on again and got a new collar.

So you see Santa, we’ve been good doggies. We need toys again as some critter walked off with our stuff from last year. Mom says not to bring Patches one of those tires with the rope as Patches like to whop Mom in the knees with it. Blackie wants biscuits that aren’t healthy. Since she has been having trouble with allergies, Mom won’t let her have wheat cookies, beef or chicken strips or apples or tomatoes. Blackie was pulling tomatoes off of the plant by the compost box and eating them. Mom was so mean, she pulled the plant up and threw it in the box so Blackie couldn’t have any.

Now that we’ve thought about it, Mom’s been the naughty one.

Merry Christmas to one and all from Patches, Blackie, Levi and Mom.

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Fall butterflies

This fall the butterflies finally arrived.  They really love the Profusion zinnias that I grow in my yard.  While photographing dragonflies, I thought I finally saw my first Monarch, but it turned out to be a Viceroy, a butterfly that mimics the Monarch.   My first Monarch were a couple of days later when two visited the milkweed in my yard and a few of the coneflowers.

After the Coondog Cemetery was decorated for the Labor Day Celebration, several were attracted to the silk flowers.

Check out my GRIT magazine blog post.

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There’s a couple of sites in Colbert County that found that are a photographers paradise if you like dragonflies.  One is off of Second St on Pepi St  in Muscle Shoals City just past the airport on the left.  A few Great White Egrets are wading there, but are camera shy.  It took me a couple of trips, but I finally managed to get a few pictures of them as well as many dragonflies.

The second are is a the Alloys Park off of River Road south of Muscle Shoals.  It is near the Alabama birding site near Double Head Resort that several white pelicans are located.

A good area in Lauderdale County to see dragonflies is at McFarland Park in Florence. A few of these pictures are from there.

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Hummingbird migration 2015

I haven’t posted in a while. Between pneumonia,  volunteering at The W C Handy Music Festival as a photographer and bronchitis.  I’m still going through and posting the ten days of Handy pictures on Remember Tuscumbia on Facebook.  Needless to say I took a bunch in ten days.  Now I’m suffering an allergic bronchitis from this weed in my yard with little white fuzzy seeds, that just knocked me for a loop.    I won’t tell you what my yard looks like after all of this.

I’ve had three hummingbird feeders up all summer.  Two weeks ago I added two more as the migration south seems to have started..  After today, I’ll probably add a couple of more.

Don’t buy the store bought syrup. The hummers will thanks you. Use one part sugar and four parts hot water. Mix, cool and add to feeders. Keep left overs in the refrigerator. Change out feeders every three or four days.

This AM, the hummers were swarming so much around the feeders.  I took a video of them at one of my feeders off the back deck.

Check out my GRIT magazine blog post.

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Birding around Wilson Dam on the Tennessee River

Between working late and the weather, either too wet or too dry, I haven’t gotten much gardening done.  I finally was able to get my garden tilled last week. Now to to get my heirloom tomatoes in the ground as soon as I’m over a flu like illness.  In the meantime, please enjoy some of the pictures I took along the river on the way home from work.

Please take a moment to check out my GRIT magazine blog post on the night of the mass streaking at Auburn.


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Fresh water and sunflower seeds

Give the birds fresh water daily and sunflower seeds (not the mix) , and they will come. Add a few red salvia and hummingbird feeders (don’t use the red dye) for the hummers.

I took these at my house and at Janice’s (aka Coondog Cemetery Lady)



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Crepe myrtle murder and castration

I rode around the Shoals taking picture of crepe myrtle murder and some down right castrated.  I’m not going to give the locations, but some you can call where due to the surroundings.  If you are doing landscaping, please learn the proper pruning.

Most of the time, the planter is guilty of selecting a variety that is too large and tall for the spot chose.  Before planting check out the varieties and chose the proper size so you won’t have to commit murder.

Check out my GRIT magazine blog post.

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New iris and hummers make an appearance

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I finally saw my first ruby-throated humminbird on 4-15, actually 5 at one feeder, zipping and fighting among each other.  I knew they were around as my feeders were being used. My work schedule and their feeding schedules didn’t overlap for several weeks.

Don’t use the red dye poison.  Make up one part of sugar and four parts of hot to boiling water. Mix well, cool and put in your feeders.  Store extra in the refrig.  And be sure to change out your feeders with a clean on at least every four or five days.  Just think what sweet tea will taste like sitting out in the hot sun for a couple of weeks.  Yuck!!

My iris have started to bloom.  The dwarfs and intermediates were the first to bloom.

Check out my GRIT magazine blog post about two brother living in the old Melorse School number one finding a stray pig.

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Hummingbirds have arrived

According to the 2015 spring migration maps, hummingbirds arrived in the Shoals March 25.  Time to get your feeders up.  Notice mine does not have the red dye toxin in it?  Make your own sugar water by using four parts of hot to boiling water and one part of sugar.  I’ll start out with a coffee scoop at the first of the season until the birds come in and start hitting the feeders.  I use one scoop of sugar and 4 scoops of hot water, mix well, cool and put in feeders.  Change out and clean feeder every four or five days.  As the numbers at the feeders increase, I’ll increase the amount of liquid I make.  Extra may be stored in the refrigerator.  I usually let it set at room temp for a spell, but I found out last year that they will make pigs of themselves during hot spells if you put it out cold.


If you have trouble with ants, you can easily make the ant moat pictured here using a spray can cap, a length of wire and water resistant caulking around the hole the wire goes through.  Let the chalk dry well hang between the hook and the feeder, fill with water.   If you have a rainy period, it will catch rainwater. During dry spells, refill as needed.  I usually refill when I change out feeders.

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Waterfall at Wilson Dam on a freezing day

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One very cold afternoon two weeks ago, some friends and I went to the waterfalls at the rockpile park near Wilson Dam.  Temps for the day and the previous days were in the twenties.  Overnight temperature in the teens.  I’m so lucky that I have friends who are as adventurous as I am.  I wasn’t going to go alone in case I fell and would be a frozen popsicle when found.


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