Rosedale Gardens

Rosedale Dairy was my family dairy farm south of Tuscumbia.  After Dad died Mom sold the farm. I was able to purchase a little over 3 acres which I’m turning into an iris, daylily, peony and oriental lily farm and home for my three Border collie rescues. Thus the name Rosedale Gardens.

My occupation  mild manner Clinical Laboratory Scientist Supervisor by  day and mad gardener by afternoons and weekends.  I recently became a blogger for GRIT magazine and additional yarns and a little information may be found there. Go to, blogs, Rosedale Garden. Somehow the s was left off at the end of the name.

A comment about the photo’s on my blog. They are as you see them in the garden.  Some are afternoon shots, the sun sensitive darker daylilies are taken in the morning if possible around my work schedule.  I haven’t enhanced any except to lighten up some of the darker ones taken in shade.

I recently became a blogger for Grit magazine. Actually they wanted the hooligans and they had to take me.  Visit my Rosedale Garden post at Grit by clicking the link and going to blogs.

4 replies to “Rosedale Gardens

  1. I love those old house pictures. They do tear at the heart. Looks like they’re staring at younger days wondering how their people could let it come to this.

  2. I can’t believe you have soooo many! I like to collect and what a wonderful time to spend collecting flowers! How do you keep track of the different types? Irises are amazing out here in West Texas. They live and bloom when nothing else does. Also, the evergreen foliage is priceless out here! Enjoyed your blog! Thanks!

    1. I keep everything in an excel spreadsheet and rename it each year which comes in handy when something comes up from a small piece of rhizome that was left comes up a few years later. I also had a hydrangea that reappeared after a couple of years that I had taken off the current one. I find the easiest plant tags is to take a 3/4 inch pcv pipe and cut it about 18 inches and write the name on it with a black paint pen (other colors don’t last) found in the craft sections and drive it in the ground. They usually survive around the hooligans but are no match for my walk behind weedeater.

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